Pastured Hogs

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We breed and  raise Berkshire x Gloucestershire Old Spot hogs on a mixture of pasture and woodlot.


Our pigs are born on farm so from day 1 we are involved with their diet and their quality of life. Our sows are never put in farrowing crates so piglets are born and raised on pasture.


Piglets are weaned at 2 months old and moved onto wooded areas where they can feast on roots, acorns, and brush. We supplement forage with a locally produced grain and kitchen and farm scraps for a well rounded diet. 

Whole Hogs

    A great choice for restaurants or the home chef looking to fill your freezer with locally raised pork. Berkshire pigs are known for their exceptional flavor and marbling. Our pigs are great foragers which lends to flavorful meat. 

Size will vary based on availability.  Half hogs can also be arranged. 

$5/lb hanging weight

Please email for pricing + butcher information at



By the Cut

       Retail cuts are available for sale through our online store when available. Your order can be picked up on farm by appointment or delivered locally ($50+ orders / deliveries made on Sundays). We offer individual cuts or our bulk boxes.  Please email for more information, pricing, and availability. 


Piglets are seasonally available in spring and fall. $150 ea. 

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